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The following terms and conditions have been drawn up to protect you, the hirer and Sandhill Sports Centre.


Sandhill Sports Centre is a trading name of Compass Group UK & Ireland.

Paying a deposit, starting a booking or signing a booking form is a formal acceptance of these terms and conditions.

This agreement grants to the hirer a licence to use the rooms or facilities at the dates and times agreed when booking, subject to the following conditions:


1. The full hire fee is payable at the time of booking, or as agreed to and described overleaf. In addition to the hiring fee a damage deposit may be requested entirely at the discretion of Sandhill Sports Centre.

2. All Accidents and Incidents must be reported to Sandhill Sports Centre site staff immediately.

3. Hirer’s are required to familiarize themselves with the fire evacuation procedures prior to their event and to follow these procedures in the event of fire or the sounding of the fire alarm.

4. The room(s) must be vacated at the agreed time. Failure to vacate the room(s) at the agreed time will incur additional charges.

5. The room(s) must be left in a clean and tidy condition and all rubbish removed from the school. Failure to leave the room(s) in a clean and tidy condition will incur additional charges to cover the cost of cleaning.

6. The Hirer may only use the premises for the purpose that has been declared and agreed with Sandhill Sports Centre.

7. The Hirer shall comply at all times with the requirements of the Security Service Provider in respect of use of the School Premises.

8. No smoking will be permitted anywhere on the school premises (including in the grounds).

9. No alcoholic drinks may be brought onto or consumed on the premises (unless prior written consent is given by Sandhill Sports Centre).

10. No open fires, candles or unauthorized electrical equipment may be used on the school premises.

11. The Hirer must ensure:

a) No fire equipment is moved or tampered with, except in an emergency.

b) All emergency exits remain clear with unhampered access.

c) Arrangements are made for orderly parking of cars within the designated areas.

d) Any equipment belonging to the Hirer is removed at the end of the hire period (unless prior written consent is given by Sandhill Sports Centre).

12. No indecent or criminal activity is permitted.

13. Groups working with children and young people must provide written assurances that all members of their leadership are known to be suitable persons, in line with the Home Office publication of September 1993 “Safe from Harm”.

14. Noise levels must be contained to a reasonable level at all times and noise from the Hirer’s event must not be audible in any neighbouring properties. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure noise levels are monitored to ensure no disruption to people in neighbouring properties.

15. No betting, gambling or gaming is permitted on the premises.

16. If the Hirer wishes to provide music, dancing or other entertainment, the Hirer must first obtain any necessary public entertainment licences and provide Sandhill Sports Centre with a copy seven days prior to the date of the booking. Failure to do so will entitle Sandhill Sports Centre to cancel the booking and retain the booking fee.

17. The Hirer will be personally liable for all damages caused to any school property as a result of the hire and hereby agrees to indemnify Sandhill Sports Centre for any losses Sandhill Sports Centre incurs as a consequence of the room(s) hire.

18. Sandhill Sports Centre does not accept any liability for damage to the Hirer’s property howsoever caused and the Hirer must ensure adequate public liability insurance cover is in place for his particular organisation / event. Sandhill Sports Centre does not maintain a policy of insurance, which covers Third Parties (which includes the Hirer and their guests).

19. The Hirer hereby agrees to indemnify Sandhill Sports Centre without limitation against all liabilities to other persons (including the servants and agents of Sandhill Sports Centre or the Hirer for bodily injury, damage to property or other loss, which may arise out of or in consequence of the actions of the Hirer or his employees, servants or agents and against all actions, costs, claims, charges and expenses that may be occasioned by Sandhill Sports Centre by the claims of such persons.

20. The Hirer acknowledges that they are only permitted to use the areas designated for the hire and shall ensure that all persons attending the function for which the room(s) is hired are made aware of and abide by this restriction. Sandhill Sports Centre will show the Hirer the toilet facilities, which the hirer and their guests are to use during the hiring.

21. Sandhill Sports Centre reserves the absolute right to cancel a booking at any time should the facilities be required either by the School or by the Local Authority. In these circumstances any deposit or fee will be returned to the Hirer. Sandhill Sports Centre’s liability in such an event will be limited to the amount of the deposit or the fee.

22. Sandhill Sports Centre reserves the absolute right to refuse any application for hire or cancel a booking at any time without specifying a reason.

23. Save for liability in respect of personal injury or death, Sandhill Sports Centre maximum liability to the Hirer for breach of contract, negligence or any other cause of action, is hereby limited to 1 x the hire fee paid by the Hirer.

24. Any person who is not a party to this Agreement has no right under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely upon or enforce any terms of this Agreement except that it does not effect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that Act.

25. Should the Hirer fail to comply with any of the above conditions or act in any way which is, or could be deemed to be in conflict with the effective running of the school, Sandhill Sports Centre is entitled to terminate the licence forthwith and the Hirer and any guests will be required to vacate the premises. The decision of Sandhill Sports Centre will be final and binding and Sandhill Sports Centre will in no way be liable to the Hirer for the return of paid fees or any other compensation if the hire is terminated in accordance with this clause.

26. All disputes and complaints must be put into writing to the Swimming Lessons Coordinator or the Centre Manager – Sandhill Sports Centre, Grindon Lane, Sunderland, SR3 4EN.

27. Data Protection Act 1998

a. All data is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

b. You can request a copy of any information we hold about you by submitting your request in writing along with a payment of £5.00 to - Sandhill Sports Centre, Grindon Lane, Sunderland, SR3 4EN.

c. You information, including contact details will only be used for the intended purposes and never shared with any third party or used for marketing purposes.

28. Conduct

a. Sandhill Sports Centre will not tolerate abuse to members of staff or visitors.

b. Sandhill Sports Centre operates a no tolerance policy to abuse.

c. Anyone who has committed a case of abuse will be asked to leave the centre and police may be contacted if deemed necessary.

d. Sandhill Sports Centre reserves the right to refuse further custom to those who have been abusive at the centre.


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