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Affordable prices so everyone can access leisure and sports.


All prices are inclusive of VAT. If you are planning a special event or want a larger booking, please contact us directly and we will be happy to dicuss alternative pricing with you.

  Swimming Pool    
  Adult Swim £3.20  
  Junior Swim £2.60  
  Concession Swim £2.60  
  Family Swim (2 adults & 2 children) £10.00  
  Childrens Inflatable Session £3.00  
  Adults Inflatable Session £3.20  
  Childrens Swimming Lessons (10 weeks) £35.00  
  Swimming Pool Hire (per 55 mins)  
  Pool Hire £48.00  
  Additional Lifeguard £16.00  
  Fitness Suite  
  Induction £5.00  
  Junior Induction (14-16 years old) £4.00  
  Single Use £3.50  
  Junior Single Use (14-16 years old) £3.00  
  Concession Single Use £3.00  
  Fitness Classes  
  Fitness Class £3.00  
  Aqua Aerobics Class £3.50  
  Direct Debit Memberships (per month)  
  Gym Only £15.00  
  Swim Only £14.00  
  Gym and Swim £22.00  
  Gym and Classes £18.00  
  Swim and Classes £18.00  
  Gym, Swim and Classes £26.00  
  Annual Memberships (per year)  
  Gym Only £187.50  
  Swim Only £175.00  
  Gym and Swim £275.00  
  Gym and Classes £225.00  
  Swim and Classes £225.00  
  Gym, Swim and Classes £325.00  
  Indoor Facilities (price per 55 minutes)    
  Full Hall £35.00  
  Half Hall £20.00  
  Badminton £8.50  
  Gymnasium £19.00  
  Outdoor Facilities (price per 55 minutes)    
  Astro Full Pitch £60.00  
  Astro Third Pitch (7/8 a side) £30.00  
  Tennis Court £6.00  
  Athletics Track £15.00  
  Grass Football Pitch (Match) £27.50  
  Grass Football Pitch (1 hour training) £16.00  
  Grass Football Pitch (Season) £360.00  
  Grass Training Area £12.00  
  Parties (per 55 minutes)    
  Pool Party (up to 24 people) £48.00  
  Pool Party (up to 48 people) £62.00  
  Inflatable Pool Party (up to 30 people) £80.00  
  Sports Party (unsupervised) £35.00  
  Party Room (45 minutes) £15.00  
  Items for Sale    
  Goggles (spashhappy) £3.50  
  Goggles (speedo) £6.50  
  Swim Hat £1.75  
  Ear Plugs £1.75  
  Premium Ear Plugs £3.50  
  Nose Clips £2.00  
  Arm Bands £4.50  
  Swim Socks £4.00  
  Equipment Hire    
  £2.00 plus a deposit of £7.50 for all items  
  Additional Rooms to Hire  
  Dance Studio £16.00  
  Year Base £15.00  

Prices Valid From 1st of April 2015.


We regually review our prices to ensure our customers and members are receiving affordable sports and leisure. Because of this, some prices may be different to the ones listed above. For an upto date list of all of our prices, please get in touch with us.


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